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Al Gore & the Ozone Crisis! The Real Cause of Global Warming!

Many researchers and climatologists don't subscribe to Al Gores CO2 induced theory on man made Global Warming. This is not false research done by scientists under the influence of oil companies, it is based on unbiased research.

Global warming has absolutely nothing to do with Earths population or, current population either. Those that say our population is the problem, are severely misinformed, and or have a population control agenda.

I'm not saying that man made global warming doesn't exist, because man made global warming does exist! But, there are several causes that must be factored in.

Heat from combustion, carbon monoxide, soot, volatile organic compounds, deforestation, nuclear weapons testing, weather manipulation & testing, aerial spraying, war & mining must all be taken into account.

Let's not forget to include the dumping of toxic waste, chlorine and bromine and pesticides into our oceans, lakes, rivers, and streams.

The Truth is, the increase of CO2 in our atmosphere is Not the Direct Cause of "Global Warming".


"Climate Change" as it's been so conveniently renamed.

The evidence shows that the increase of CO2 in our atmosphere is a Consequence that followed the destruction of Earths Ozone Layer. CO2 is not the cause, as Al Gore is now promoting.

Ozone Depletion; As an example; from September 21-30, 2006 the average area of the ozone hole was the largest ever observed, at 10.6 million square miles (27.5 million square kilometers).

This image, from September 24, the Antarctic ozone hole was equal to the record single-day largest area of 11.4 million square miles (29.5 million square kilometers), reached on Sept. 9, 2000. Satellite instruments monitored the ozone layer, and NASA used this data to create the images that depict the amount of ozone. The blue and purple colors are where there is the least ozone, and the greens, yellows, and reds are where there is more ozone.

Taking years of research as well as this info into careful consideration I have to disagree with Mr. Gore's CO2 induced theory! If you disagree with me, that's OK, but common sense facts cant be ignored. 

The most basic of these facts is that all Oxygen breathing mammals, including human beings, exhale CO2!

We all exhale CO2; so does that mean that we "7 Billion" living and breathing human beings are causing global warming? Of course not.

But some misinformed green extremists like Bill Gates want to get CO2 down to Zero.

Just food for thought, but, you do know what "Eugenics" means right?

Well, lets just say Bill Gates is a fan of using healthcare, vaccines, and reproductive health services; not to help save lives. But to depopulate our planet.

Plus... If CO2 goes down to Zero, then we wouldn't have livable atmosphere, and the majority of all life on Earth would cease to exist.

Gates said our population was a problem and linked our Population directly to man-made CO2 induced global warming. He is quoted as saying that one of these (Population or CO2) has got to go down to Zero. 

Yes, he said Zero.

Bill says so in the first 5 minutes of this video: Bill Gates - TED presentation

"This equation has 4 factors. Uh, a little bit of multiplication. So you got a thing on the left (CO2) that you want to get to Zero; and that's gonna be based on the Number of People; the Services each Person's using on average; the Energy on average for each Service; and the CO2 being put out Per Unit Of Energy. So lets look at each one of these, and see how we can get this down to Zero. Uh, probably one of these numbers is going to have to get pretty near to Zero. Uh, that's back from High School Algebra. But, lets take a look! First we've got Population; the world today has 6.8 Billion People, that's headed up to about 9 Billion. Now, if we do a really great job on New Vaccines, Healthcare and Reproductive Health Services; We could lower that, perhaps by 10 or 15%." 
- Bill Gates 

Gates clearly states in that quote that he deems our population as a problem and is targeting poor nations 1st; using new vaccines, healthcare and reproductive health services to reduce Earth's population. 

That is Eugenics.

Needless to say, Bill Gates isn't the philanthropist he's trying to brand himself as. 

This is explained in more detail by; Max Keiser & Stacy Herbert from RT that Bill Gates is Profiting from Bad Vaccines & Monsanto.

Further more, it shows us how dangerous it is to allow a misrepresentation of scientific facts like CO2 induced global warming and overpopulation go unchecked.

CO2 induced global warming is a false theory with monumental consequences, and Al Gore must be corrected.

This false information Al Gore has made mainstream has been used to brainwash the masses to believing a lie. A lie so big that it could then be used to fulfill what some call a "Green Nazi" agenda to significantly reduce the human population using Eugenics.


I'm not saying that this is or was Al Gore's desire or agenda. I am saying his CO2 theory is an incorrect theory with dangerous, real life consequences.

But, Al Gore's attempt to simplify the causes in order to sell Global Warming to the masses, was intentional.

So was his idea to turn CO2 into a Trillion dollar carbon trading scam. A scam that failed to reduce emissions or pollution, senselessly promoted growing corn to create ethanol fuel and led to the implementation of carbon taxation, (consumption taxation).

All of which has led to the significant decrease in food production, causing Millions more people to starve to death.

This has led to the outrageous increase in food prices, cost of living and inflation.

All the while, these government imposed carbon taxes do nothing more than redistribute wealth from the poor, working class citizens while the government sits back and collects the cash.

In return for this tax money, taxpayers have seen no change, only an increase in the prices for energy, transport costs and increased food prices.

During this time, we have seen no new renewable energy transportation alternatives, services have been implemented.

This shows us that Al Gore is partially doing this for profit.

Rather creative on his part, but CO2 induced global warming is not the whole truth, its half truth. Al Gores "An Inconvenient Truth" is teaching half truths. These half truths are dangerous because they have mislead good people, and misdirected their good intentions.

A great example is Bill Gates... He's convinced that Al Gores theory is correct to the point where he's implementing population control methods because he thinks it will save the planet.

The so called solutions imposed on the world due to this lie, is the wrong way to go about solving any environmental crisis. 

Over 20 Years ago, In the 1989 book written by Sharon L.Roan, titled "Ozone Crisis" The 15 Year Evolution of a Sudden Global Emergency".

Al Gore suggested that the most significant cause of Global Warming and the Global environmental Crisis, is related to man-made Stratospheric Ozone Depletion.

The foreword to the "Ozone Crisis" The 15 Year Evolution of a Sudden Global Emergency" was written by Senator Al Gore.

Here is an excerpt of what he wrote; 

"When I began my campaign for the 1988 Democratic nomination, I said that the depletion of the ozone layer, the greenhouse effect, and the global environmental crisis were the most important issues this country would have to face in the next decade and the next century. The political pundits, to put it mildly, were not impressed. Some said that anyone who thought ozone belonged on the next presidents agenda was not going to be the next president. The pundits were right about that, as it turned out, but they were wrong about the issue. After years of neglect, global warming and stratospheric ozone depletion have suddenly become matters of widespread international concern. The escalation of the ozone crisis even jump-started an unprecedented international treaty. While we have hardly begun to make the dramatic changes that will be necessary, it is a revolutionary step for society to recognize the problem at all."
                                                                                                                                                   - Al Gore

Not once did Al Gore mention a word about CO2 or even its relation to Global Warming.

At the time Al Gore linked the Global Environmental Crisis to man-made Stratospheric Ozone Depletion.

Now, he only mentions CO2.

Why did Al Gore change his opinion from man-made stratospheric ozone depletion caused the Global Environmental Crisis... To his "An Inconvenient Truth" man made CO2 caused Global Warming Theory?

He was right! Ozone depletion is the main cause of global warming.  

In 1984 researchers detected a 40% ozone loss over Antarctica. This amount of ozone loss hasn't been reduced it has since increased. That means Earth has been absorbing enormous amounts of solar radiation due to man-made ozone depletion for well over 25 years.

Logically; any unbiased scientist studying all the effects of natural and man made causes of global warming would conclude that because Earth is a closed loop system in which we are all dependent upon, and all its systems work as one; that to destroy one aspect of Earth's complex system, such as the Ozone Layer, has catastrophic consequences. This consequence for man made ozone depletion started a chain reaction that allowed and continues to allow more solar radiation into our biosphere and has led to man made Global Warming.

I'm not the only one to come to this conclusion. NASA scientists know this to be true.

I looked for another source to help explain the severity of this problem. In the process of researching this further, I ran across a very informative article titled "The Chlorine Cover-up" an interview with world-renowned scientist Adam Trombly. 

Here's an excerpt;

Chlorine is a chemical demon. One chlorine ion will interfere with the reactions that otherwise would produce 100,000 ozone molecules. 

When Mario Molina and Sherwood Rowland predicted in 1974 that the ozone loss would reach 7-8 percent by the year 2050, it caused a panic. 

We reached that level in the 1980s. What accounts for the difference? 

Molina and Rowland were only figuring the chemical impacts for chlorine releases from CFC's. But this source only accounts for a small part of the destruction that has occurred to date. 

Where did the other chlorine come from?

The truth is that we have chlorine going up into the atmosphere from all kinds of sources. It's not just CFC's. It's chlorine from sewage treatment plants, water treatment plants, backyard swimming pools, even household chlorine bleach. 

We were told that these molecules were too heavy; that they couldn't get into the stratosphere, but it isn't true. Atmospheric scientists have known this for years--it's lunch table conversation.

Not all chlorine rises into the air (some compounds become entrained in the soil or precipitate into water) but massive amounts of chlorine have been getting into the stratosphere the whole time. Once the parent molecule--whether its carbon--tetrachloride, poly-chlorinated hydrocarbon or CFC--gets into the stratosphere, it photo-reacts with the ultraviolet radiation and interferes with the production of ozone.

We've got to realize that as much chlorine production as possible must stop. This is the kind of talk that can get you killed. Chlorine is a huge industry. There is a tremendous amount of money involved. Do you realize the liability issue that is involved here? Remember asbestos? There was congressional testimony from the 1930s on the dangers of asbestos but nothing happened because the lobbies were too strong.

The first major extinctions in the world's oceans were caused by an abundance of oxygen. Anaerobic organisms were killed off by the "aerobic revolution". Then came the invertebrates and the fish. In the atmosphere, membranes of ozone slowly developed, allowing the emergence of land life. This evolution of a natural sunscreen for the whole planet was a living process that took millions and millions of years to occur. And we've totally screwed it up in a couple of centuries.

The Montreal Convention [to control chlorofluorocarbon gases] is an obscene compromise. We've compromised not only our lives but the lives of all species. The trees are dying and many of them are not dying from acid rain. In Colorado, only 15-20 percent of the forests, soils were found to be acidic but 28 percent of the state's coniferous forests are now diseased or dead. 

They've been sunburned by ultraviolet radiation.

We're being exterminated by congressional committees that turn their backs on the truth. When people figure out what's been going on, we're going to have War Crime Trials.

Twenty to thirty million people died at the hands of the Nazis, but now we're talking about everybody dying.

End of Excerpt

So, Why aren't more people talking?

Here are a couple of links for you to check out regarding how our planets ozone layer is currently doing.

2011 NASA finally admits Arctic Ozone Hole

Ever wonder why Boeing Aircraft are spraying our skies with giant plumes of expanding aerosol trails at 45 degree angles that look like a game of Tic Tac Toe?

Look up! It might open your eyes to the reality of the ozone problem we face, because every country in the United Nations is using this type of aerial spraying.

The spraying is said to be used to make up for the loss of our ozone layer. Acting as a shield to deflect solar radiation back into space, thus reducing the greenhouse effect.

But according to Nicola Tesla, and Bernard Easland's patents. These atmospheric aerosol trails have an alternative purpose and can be used along with frequency technology.  

The aerial spraying is also highly toxic, and instead of reducing the effects of global warming this geoengineering experiment is accelerating it and earths ozone layer isn't healing itself like NASA said it would.

It turns out Al Gore was right back in 1989.

Leaders should have listened to him then when he said the Ozone Layer is being destroyed.

I believe his "An Inconvenient Truth" CO2 theory, was his last attempt to get politicians, industry, public and corporations heads out of the tar sands and get people to demand real change to our energy policies.

Unfortunately, Al Gores CO2 theory is now acting as a convenient lie, a misdirection, covering up the biggest environmental problem mankind will ever face.

The destruction of our planets life giving, oxygen rich, atmosphere.

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